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MUSIC! has charms to soothe the savage breast,
To soften rocks or to bend a knotted oak....

------The Mourning Bride (1697)

Musical Inspiration for your family!

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The Universal Language? YES!

Music really is. Anyone-- even those that have never had the ability to hear STILL have it within them. Have you EVER heard a person say--"I don't like music"? I think some folks miss the enjoyment often just as they might not stop to smell and "TASTE" the rose! So it's very important to the quality of your life to try to incorporate and truly appreciate this wonderful art form.

It is a gift that has been built right into our psyche. It feels, though, as if we listen with our heart's and our SOUL'S-right? That's why it's so hard to get rid of a catchy melody that you heard three hours ago on the way to work.

Babies are soothed naturally by soft and rhythmic sounds. Even animals are influenced!

Of course there is a wide variety of genres and styles. We all have our favorites and "Not-so favorites".

I happen to love Classical,Jazz, New Age and 70's style Rock the best. A good instrumental is always welcomed too. Modern rap, Hard Rock and new WAVE are my LEAST favorites.

But that's just ME. YOU are YOU and it's your prerogative to listen to whatever makes you happy! And speaking of that very thing, there are now several GREAT ways to CUSTOMIZE your music, eliminate stereos, tapes and CDs, but STILL have the IDEAL music collection just as YOU love it right at your fingertips! The new technology is easy and sounds awesome. It uses small devices called digital music players

Whether you are a pre-teen,Teen,College student,30 something, Mom or Dad, Gramma or Grampa or CEO,this section of our site will continue to strive to give you the HISTORY the most up-to-date news, artists, LYRICS and sheet music, merchandise and product offerings out there. We'll also try very hard to bring it all to you at the very best VALUES too--of course!

So, all you enthusiasts, sit back, grab a chair, a ticket, CD, a boombox, ipod, Mp3 or an old-fashioned radio and listen and learn to your heart's content.


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