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Here is a GREAT Baseball Coach Guide Book recommended by me, personally, as one whom has has received great benefit by the author's teachings.

Click here to
view Table Of Contents

A great baseball coach guide book or baseball fundamentals manual is a coach's best friend. If you really want to teach your players winning baseball skills and strategies, read on...

You see...few people have been as lucky as I have.

Born, maybe, with a bit of talent. Maybe.

Born, certainly with an energy and passion.

In my younger years, that energy and passion was devoted to a wonderful game we call our "American Pastime". Yes, Baseball!

But the love for and ability to play the greatest game of them all is not where I was so lucky.

You see, I live in a northern city where for as much as 50% of the year, 2 to 3 FEET of snow can cover the ground. Hard to play much ball in that.

Always keeping the faith, we knew that warmer temps and green grass would return. We would be free to once again
get out there and toss it around, take some swings and play the game we so loved. And...to learn how to get better at the game of Baseball.

That's where I got lucky.

Coach Joe Cook


"The Young Coaches' Guide To Winning Baseball"

Even in our cold weather area, there are not only players who love baseball; there are also great coaches that want to help players improve.

On one occasion in my playing years, I had the privilege of being coached by a special man named Joe Cook.

Joe is the author of a brand new and wonderful baseball coach guide book and manual entitled:

"The Young Coaches' Guide To Winning Baseball".

"Dear Joe,

Though I have not read it in its entirety, what I have read I have enjoyed and believe the information to be both useful and informative. I believe you certainly have met your goal in providing young coaches with a handbook of material that is both sound and useful. I am positive that your son, Joe, would also approve and would be very proud of your efforts. I know I am!

I will be sharing your book with my coaching colleagues in our program."


-Pete Doumit -- Author of "What I know about Baseball is what I know about life" and father of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit


"I enjoyed reading your book--and for a first time author--I thought you hit a 500' home run. There's a lot of good information that coaches of youth league teams can use to accelerate the learning curves of their players.

Good luck, continued success and "get a good pitch to hit"!"

-Mike Epstein -- Author of "The Mental Side of Hitting" and Mike Epstein on Hitting and a CD Rom "The Epstein Teaching System"


While under Coach Cook's wing I saw my fundamental hitting, fielding and base running skills improve dramatically. Our team advanced to the PA State championships and nearly won the title.

We learned to play the game systematically and strategically, the right way, with skill, poise, intelligence and passion.

My confidence as a player soared. What fun our group of otherwise unrefined teen aged guys had during those years. Memories to last us a lifetime.

However, maybe all of this is missing the point altogether. Is the reason for having passion, participating in sports, learning to play as a team from a great mentor all "just for fun"?

Well, I'll bet all 15 of us from our squad coached by Joe Cook will tell you the same thing that I will.

We played for fun. The love of the game. Won many, lost a few, even the big one. Heck, back then Coach Cook was already a great coach, and had not even thought of writing his new baseball coach guide book manual.

Yet I think we all know that we learned something far more important than baseball. Our group, and all the others lucky enough to play under Coach Joe Cook, all know what I mean.


"It is with great respect and affection that I still call Joe Cook, COACH."

Joe Jordano-
Baseball Coach
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Each of us learned in earnest through the game we love, taught by a man we love and respect, how to work hard and enjoy every minute of it. We learned not only how to win, but what it truly means to be a "winner" in sports...and in life.

We learned to be men. Good men with strong values. To lead by example.

No better person in the world to teach us those life-lessons than our coach and good friend, Joe Cook.

** If you are a young coach wanting to learn every aspect of the wonderful game of Baseball; from player skills to coaching psychology and game strategy, pick up a copy of Joe's new baseball coach guide book just above.

It's a great baseball coach's teaching manual and also an enjoyable read that you and all your players will love!**

It's an outstanding wealth of knowledge written by a great man and a great baseball coach. It makes a great gift for any fan of baseball, coaching or sports. It's a fabulous baseball coach guide book manual--and will be forever.

Brian Hower
Former player still cherishing the memories....

A great baseball coach guide book.


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