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Here are THE best kids toys and games !!
FUN for the Whole Family!

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Let me tell you a story about choosing only the best kids toys and games.......Here goes:


What? You say you do not know Kaboo? Nonsense I say! Have you never played with TOYS? Are you the Bergermeister Meisterberger? Oh brother--don't tell me you don't know THAT one either?

OK--here's what ya better do....

Sit back in your chair. YOU have to admit something to yourself right now.

YOU ARE NOT HAVING ENOUGH FUN! You should consider looking into the best kids toys and games....and then BE a kid again!

Do you spend an hour or two a day with your kids? Playing with or even without toys and games? My wife and I do. She, because she can't avoid it. And I, because I CAN.

You see, just like Willy Wonka, Fred Rogers, Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel),SCROOGE,Captain Kangaroo, and the Wiggles (Did you recognize those ones?) EACH and EVERY one of us, indeed, has a little Peter Pan in us. If you don't believe it. Just look at all the 30 and even 40 year old "men" in the major sports. Then consider all the REST of us Fans! At what age do we stop being a child?

I say 130!

By the way, "KABOO" was MY very first love as a child. He was (to me, at least, HUGE and Furry and absolutely ADORABLE! I got him as a Christmas present when I was about 4 years old. I didn't even CARE what other toys or games Santa had brought me. I kept him close to me for many years. In absolute fact--I STILL HAVE HIM! So HE definitely deserves center stage on MY list of the best kids toys and games!

I am now 42 years old.(Please keep that on the internet,OK?)

Kaboo has been through the same lifetime I have--and he has been EATEN by several dogs and sewn (very poorly) back together by my mom. She did not get an "A" in seamstress class but she SURE got an "A++" in "MOM".

Still think you have not heard of Kaboo?

Have you heard of Walt Disney, The Jungle Book? How about a BIG, Fun Loving, Deep Voiced, Clumsy BEAR in that story?

Remember his name? It's BALOO. Remember--- I was about 4.... "KABOO"!

Shop right here for only the best kids toys and games and then....

Go play with your kids!!Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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