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Just for the fun of it let's COMPARE shopping here (ONLINE) vs. Out at the Malls (OFFLINE). Ready? OK!

OFFLINE: Gas Money + Travel Time + Low Inventories + Fighting Crowds + Lots of Frustration + Lugging packages around + Wrapping time and costs + Postage!

ONLINE: (Maybe)Shipping and handling + EASIER + FASTER! + MUCH Better Selections! + Find a Unique Item NOT available "out there" + delivery directly to you OR right to the recipient! ( Get it all DONE and then...RELAX!!!!!)

Shop anywhere you wish but if you value efficiency(and peace of mind), it's pretty obvious to stay right where you are don't you think!

Whether you are shopping here on our wonderful site or you plan to go "out there"...you can find a very good variety of PRINTABLE coupons that'll SAVE you money either way you shop right here:

Shop Better with KeyCode.com

For a QUICK and perfect last-minute gift for just about anyone--Calendars.com has the right one!

Naturally, one of the most basic and CORE Family Values HAS to be shopping for the things you and your family NEED. OTHER pages within this site will contain great information as well as shopping links specific to THAT page's category or subject. Some of this can be just for FUN and would not be considered a "need" but a "want". There will be plenty of family fun activity throughout the entire website as well!

I have tried to provide you with only very High Quality family oriented information and values here. There are links to general department stores. There are links to higher end specialty online retailers that I have determined will provide very high value for you. You'll likely recognize most of them. EX. TIME/LIFE Music's Best Selling Products.

And, of course, if all else fails, there are ALWAYS...

TARGET.com | Barnes and Noble Books! | and OTHER great GIFT IDEAS! |

You need NOT worry at all about your privacy and/or SECURITY when shopping online.

Here's why:

****Most merchants that operate ONLINE also have Business OFFLINE like a regular "brick and mortar" department store. Or like HSN,

   they might even have a TV retail "store". So they are very concerned about your personal privacy and take great measures to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

It is in THEIR best interest to do so just as it is in yours. These stores do NOT want tarnished reputations. Obviously, they'd lose business! Of course, there may be some unethical people out there. But then again, someone COULD peek over your shoulder at KMART or any waiter could steal your credit card info. Just imagine how much MORE difficult it is to somehow "grab" your particular information out from the assortment of other data flying by at any moment. In other words-it is pretty darned safe to shop online these days. Responsible merchants use something called SSL (secure socket layer) and/or CVV2 Codes (on the back of your card) that cannot be decoded by dishonest ID thieves. Watch on your screen when you are on a "checkout" page (when you are ready to buy something) The web address of the page will start with http"S":// rather than just http:// The "S" indicates the page is secure and safe to complete your transaction. You may also see small pictures called "icons" of a lock or a key that indicate the same security for you. So in reality it is probably even safer to shop on the web (not to mention much more efficient!) than it is to go out. Think of all the gas and time you can save!****

I'll try to stick with BASICS here in the main SHOPPING section, like:(you can CLICK on any one!)

Clothing and Shoes|      Bed, Bath and Kitchen  |   Yard and Gardening  |   Home Improvement and Interior Design  | Car and Truck Parts and Accessories  |   and, of course,...HEALTH CARE!|

These are the things you really need to live day to day. (I might surprise you with a FUN link here and there, too!) There will usually be a "middle" end choice and also a "high" end selection. Some of us, after all DO have "epicurean" tastes! No matter what the level, however, I will always keep "VALUE" in mind! Here's a very good example for you:

The links to information and online retailers that I have selected for you offer you a VERY good value and an EASY customer experience. I have researched each one for certain "USER FRIENDLY" criteria. They have been in business for a significant period of time. They offer a large selection of HIGH quality products. Their sites are logically planned out and visually optimal. Finally, they make it very simple for you to shop or buy what you want. I ALSO watch to be sure their sites are just as secure as any "brick and mortar"store.



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and NUMBER ONE spot on Google, Yahoo AND Bing now for a solid, uninterrupted SIX years!