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How to build FREE website traffic?

Why are you here on this page? Are you where I was a couple years ago? My story probably started right where you are. I was no computer whiz but I understood the Internet and technology enough to see that there MIGHT be potential to earn money. BUT HOW??

So I started looking around. I was ALMOST fooled by the plentiful ads for building a website "quickly and easily" for 7.95!

I guess I knew in my gut there had to be more to it than that--and BOY was I right-- so TRUST your OWN gut on this! (It's HARD to find much about how to build website traffic! Amazing.)

So I searched some more and found many,many offerings that were similar--none of which seemed to "NAIL IT!" I knew it had to key on: how someone could build website traffic. Better yet, how to build FREE website traffic!

I thought it might be hopeless. Why? Because it appeared, if I were ever to start a business online and build traffic to my own website, I'd have to spend YEARS learning new technology to be competent.

THEN...I Found SBI! --The PERFECT way to build website traffic!

I started reading. It seemed FAR more thorough and comprehensive-totally logical and complete. Still,I thought it was likely another disappointment with better copy editors that made it "sound" good.

However, when I learned all it would cost to give it an honest try...I decided SBI! was WORTH it if anything was. So I began seriously considering making the purchase.

After months of looking for THE "thing", THE system or direction that would allow me to finally and effectively GO INTO BUSINESS for myself- that's exactly what I did. SBI! appeared to be THE most ideal way to "START YOUR OWN BUSINESS" without a huge financial RISK or any scammy, shabby, secretive, mysterious GIMMICKS. (These are EVERYWHERE and I find them extremely insulting to my intelligence).

So, once I decided that THIS really seemed different, excellent, LEGITIMATE and comprehensive, I just "knew" that it would be THE one to TEST OUT. So I bought the system. I had mixed feelings for sure. On one hand, it appeared to be the PERFECT business-building system -- A great and IDEAL way to build FREE website traffic AND an entire business of my OWN!. Seemingly the absolute BEST thing I had EVER run across. THIS was exciting!

On the OTHER hand, I had been "ripped off" on another "opportunity" for which I paid WAY more money. So I was "leary" and honestly even expecting to learn soon after purchasing that this, too, was just a waste of my time and was just another well marketed, LOW potential disappointment.

Well, it's now TWO YEARS since I purchased and all I can tell you is that I am as or MORE convinced that THIS REALLY IS the closest thing to "THE PERFECT THING" that exists on EARTH!


In fact, as far as the value of this program let me state this VERY Clearly:

In my 43 years of life, I have NEVER believed that ANYTHING I have ever bought, invested in, or bargained for , was AS MUCH OF A GREAT DEAL as this is! In my opinion, this is one of THE BEST products EVER developed--no matter what the category. And on top of that-it gets better and better(for FREE) every single month!

You simply OWE IT TO YOURSELF to not only check it out--but to--RESEARCH it enough so that you fundamentally and thoroughly UNDERSTAND all that it really IS!

SIDEBAR: ___________________________________________________________

I am convinced that people in general do not "GET IT". They delay, or start reading and then hesitate, thinking they will "get back to it later" and then NEVER DO. So they never actually understand what this really is.


Then and ONLY then -- make your DECISION on it! We ARE, most definitely, talking about LIFE CHANGING FINANCIAL potential so DO make a DECISION! Make SURE it is an informed and purposeful one. NOT one based on cursory, glanced over, partial and inaccurate assumptions. It is just too important to your ultimate success and real happiness. ___________________________________________________________

If you are skeptical about whether it really works (as I was), --remember I expected to find the "catch" or to "prove it didn't work" --But I found just the OPPOSITE! It DOES do everything it claims to do and MANY TIMES more! (That is NOT an exaggeration).

If you want to see that I PERSONALLY have used the system successfully, here are just TWO of the MANY, MANY web business pages I CREATED WITH MY VERY OWN FINGERS AND BRAIN using ONLY this system:

1. Out of 9 MILLION Search Results--MINE is #...TWO! on page 1.

2. Out of 14 MILLION --Mine is #.....EIGHT! (now it is #6!) on pg. 1

So how's THAT for PROOF!? Do you think YOU could BUILD WEBSITE TRAFFIC with LOTS of pages like that!?? YOU BET YOU CAN! (Uh--and other than your annual SBI! fee -which is ridiculously low!--you get the TRAFFIC naturally, it is YOURS and you do this for FREE.--FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC, YOU own your new CUSTOMERS!)

It works for ALL the Major Search Engines ( Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask Jeeves) and since ALL of the msaller ones are actually subsidiaries of these 4 majors--it works for ALL of them too.)

I can do this for myself, for you, or for ANY small business owner. YOU can do EXACTLY the same thing! if you want my help, just contact me. I will explain anything you want to know in complete detail.

While I have made some GOOD money so far, (I am intelligent enough too, to know that business success is NOT a magic trick--it's well thought out online BUSINESS and that can take some time to develop--but some DO start making LOTS of money very quickly!)I DO have a GREAT electronic commerce website that beats 99% of ALL other websites in traffic rankings!

Here's the point: 99% of ALL websites fail. Yes that's correct--they get NO traffic. Even the ones with beautiful graphics and flashy animations. That's actually just all FLUFF! Really. (When is the last time you "looked up": "blue background", "pretty pictures", "flashy effects" or "pretty website" ?? NOBODY ever does that right?

That is NOT AT ALL what will build website traffic. It is the INFORMATION that they want! If YOU are the one supplying them with the Precision Information they seek, you are VERY likely to develop that visitor into a loyal and (repeat!) customer.

Only GREAT original and VALUABLE CONTENT. Quality AND Quantity can ever hope to do that for you--and SBI! has perfected making that EASY for ANYONE to accomplish!

And SBI! does it SO ridiculously affordably--(In fact, there are EASY ways to SAVE enough to FULLY cover the cost of your SBI! fees.) that it simply makes NO sense to even entertain the thought of trying anything else cheaper OR more expensive. They'd both be FAR less effective anyway--no matter what the costs.

So that's MY story. SBI! is my highest recommendation if you REALLY want to succeed on the web!

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