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So how do you know? What makes a great clothing value? Is it the store? Maybe the name brand? What tells you that "this is a good product for this price—and therefore It's a good value? And "MY family deserves quality! Especially the new baby!" Correct?

WebClothes.com Great Clothes for Great Kids!

(click here for up-to-date men's fashion advice!

Men will see things differently than women (has it ever been otherwise?).

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By the way, just what DO you ladies keep in all those purses and bags?

And TEENS clothing has taken on a life of it's own! It has to be "In" or "cool" or it's OUT! If YOU are a person 12 to 22 years of age-- CLICK Here to go to YOUR STUFF!

And as for Shoes….that's all about the same things…except lower! (Just a side note on shoes— They're probably the MOST important in your consideration of "quality". If you are going to spend a little more on something..spend it on your shoes….your FEET are a very important part of your everyday life and health. You don't know it until you have a problem in that area—believe me-you DON'T want to find out! ..BUY QUALITY FOOTWEAR! This goes for any age.) CLICK on the Shoes.com link above for a very good selection for the whole family!

Well, the "quality question" answers are sometimes very obvious. Like "Hey it costs 200 bucks, it HAS to be "good"! or "Just LOOK at how it shines!" Some will think "I can get the same thing cheaper so that's a better "VALUE". Or Maybe NOT so obvious: "Who cares what it costs…I Love It!"

Of course all of these are reasons to feel that you're getting your dollar's worth. And THAT is just the point. DO you feel that you ARE getting a lot for your money? Do you just go for the CHEAPEST item? How long will it last? Do you care about the name brand? If so, why? Does it boost your ego to be able to tell your friends it's a GUCCI? Or will a "knock-off" suit you just as well?

Let's try in this section of the Core Family Values Home Port website to give you some options that let YOU decide what real value is. There are some very good clothing retailers in these links. ( I applied MY own value judgement in selecting these merchants and information—I hope you agree with at least a few choices!) I have also researched for interesting educational material that will help you tell (at least from a manufacturing point of view-> http://www.atexinc.com/how_clothing_is_made.htm what makes some clothing better than others. Have Fun!

Oh—and we can't forget about the BABY! CLICK on the WebClothes.com link above on this page!


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