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Congratulations College Students!

Way to GO!

You deserve a huge handshake! Your decision to attend college is SO critical to your individual(and family!) future! You probably don't realize yet what a lasting impact this decision will have on you first, and then on the rest of your family for GENERATIONS! You see, your children will never have someone ELSE to guide them. It's YOU! What children you say? Ha! So did I! Ha! Right back at you! (You're gonna gain weight too! Yeah—you too superstar athlete! I was exactly like you!) Those are just two of the whoppers they don't tell you about in school. I'm trying to give all you college smarties a BIG HEADS UP!

SO LISTEN TO THIS! GET YOUR EDUCATION! DO NOT MESS IT UP! It's probably NOT just about YOU! You're going to have a future! Probably with a family!

Have fun. But keep your head on straight. College is a GREAT experience in so many ways. My degree has got to be one of the top 2 or 3 things I have ever accomplished. And boy do I MEAN the congratulations. LIFE can be EXTREMELY difficult. Even with an education. But if I had decided not to go……..Uh OH!

In a nutshell. Ten years from now you will hardly remember a thing you're killing yourself to cram into your brains. The stuff you do recall will be the trivial meaningless stuff that will never earn you a cent! Sounds Nuts? Well ..yeah…but you know what?

THAT'S LIFE! Yep! Reality is that Life is absurd! (If you don't believe me read up in your philosophy classes!)

The TRUE value in going to college is NOT the book knowledge—OK that IS a very important part of learning. But it's really about the EXPERIENCE. You're anxious. You work hard (very hard). You meet all kinds of new people from many different areas and backgrounds. You develop into and adult. (But you usually act like a three year old) You might even fall in love! (Man-watch out for that—trying to learn with six beers in you is easier than trying to do it "infatuated". –and only have 4 beers!!!! YOU DON'T Need the 5th and you'll REGRET the 6th! If you learn only THAT lesson in 4 years, you're smarter than I was. I DID eventually get it right, though!

OK—Here's all kinds of things you need or will be needing. If you think of something I've missed—send me a note using the "communicate with us form"! I'll add it to the site. Here's a fun link just for starters. www.coolstuffcheap.com



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