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Love'em or hate 'em...looks like they're here to stay!

Let's see if we can make things a whole lot easier for you!

You must admit computers really ARE amazing technology.

Just 30-40 years ago (my lifetime) the concept of having the kind of technology that our kids now take for granted was just beginning!

I remember my parents talking about TV the same way. I easily envision TV and computers merging into one technology in the IMMEDIATE future if not sooner---that was intentinally worded oddly because that's actually what DOES seem to be happening. Like buying an automobile, you purchase a new PC system and in a couple of months (really) it's already a relic! WOW!

The PC I am using right now still seems BRAND new to me--it is 5 years old. I am just beginning to learn just some of what I cna really do with this thing. And it cost me $2300.00 I thought I got a "good deal".

Back then I guess it was. But now every Sunday in the newspaper flyers or as I browse stores online I see that I can now buy 4 or 5 time the power of my PC for about one-fourth the price! So that's really at least EIGHT times the value!

Anyway, in this section I am aiming to benefit a few different types of computer users.

Of course there are the teenagers that can now easily embarrass an old codger like me with this stuff. For YOU hotshots there are some cool stores and informational resources you can check out.

Then there are the folks like ME. Those that sort of have a handle on what's going on and are interested in learning more. Maybe you are the MOM of the family and want to do all of the photo and craft fun you can. Or the DAD who wants to check out the very cool automated 3-D Home Remodeling software!

If you're an IT professional by chance, I'll bet you will find something a value here as well. I have a pretty diverse background and while I am not at your level, I DO understand the basic technologies and most applications out there.

Now for the very SPECIAL group! Those of you who may be intimidated by computers and technology. Maybe you feel it's just too complicated to use or enjoy. Or perhaps you are a senior and you would simply LOVE to get a PC for sending E-MAIL and maybe Photos back and forth with your family.

If THIS is YOU--this is your LUCKY Day!

I have just the right level of knowledge for you. Also, I think I have a unique ability to teach and/or communicate, so that you will start to see how YOU TOO CAN USE A COMPUTER!!!


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