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No matter which COUNTRY or Nationality you love...


Love of COUNTRY!

As human beings we have a very strong sense of "home".

"Home is where the heart is", right?

In the United States we call it being patriotic.

I am not a scholar on the subject but I know how very important being loyal to one's home nation is to people.

Just as our houses are our homes. So it is that our countries are also. Maybe even more so.I could get into the world government, allies and enemies,war and peace ,foreign policy issues here.

I'm electing not to.

I simply want to recognize ALL individuals who CARE about the human race. All of us who envision a future where all people of all nations truly are at PEACE with one another.

Yes, we should love our country. But just as we should also love our neighbors children, we should--no, we MUST--learn to love each other as neighbors and friends. ENOUGH of the fighting and wars, the lost lives and the fear. I hope that anyone reading this website CARES deeply about his/her home country. Hold it dear to your heart forever.

But OPEN your minds. Think logically and clearly. WE ARE ALL FROM THE SAME BIG COUNTRY!

EARTH! Are we not really one big FAMILY on Earth? Why is that so seemingly difficult to understand? I know there are very complex issues that come into play. However......

Because of our thinking and our "progress", we have severely damaged our ONLY true home, our PLANET! We have lost millions upon millions of lives. Why? Because of the lack of UNDERSTANDING and COMMUNICATION and Co-OPERATION!

Leaders of the world must do better. WE, as individuals MUST also do much better!

We are heading directly into a fully intertwined GLOBAL ECONOMY. Many do not think it is a good thing. I DO.

As we bring our people and nations closer together, we will not be able to help but to understand each other better. We will finally begin to talk and work things out as members of the same TEAM--and not as rivals!

I believe that will lead to greater human existence, less fear, more prosperity, and a healthier planet! And a world where every one of us can experience TRUE FREEDOM!

Yes--LOVE your country with everything you are.

Be sure to love every individual PERSON as you do YOURSELF.

And all the way, Love the PLANET EARTH. Our Mother, our country, our HOME!


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