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So you're DATING again.

How's it Going?


Yes. How IS it going?

Are you someone that sinply enjoys dating for the sake of having fun?

Or are you desperately seeking the love of your life? Someone with whom to spend the rest of your life?

I am an old married guy now so my days of heartbreak (at least as a single fellow) are OVER.

Do I miss it? Nope. Not one bit. Did I find my wife because we dated?


But I didn't find her at church, in a grocery store, at work OR ONLINE either.

Any one of those options COULD work for you though so keep an open mind!

Actually, that's exactly what you need to do. Keep active, stay happy no matter what happens. BE FLEXIBLE and esay going.

Have fun and try not to be TOO judgemental/critical or "picky".

I did not end up a "family man" until my middle thirties. So I KNOW this subject well.

I was one of the people that thought it was hopeless. REALLY.

No matter HOW hard I tried to "be in the right place--at the right time...never seemed to happen.

I went through many heartbreaks dating in my twenties (I caused some for others as well). I had a lot of good fun along the way. too.

Most of what seemed terrible at the time now seems HILARIOUS!

So don't sweat it--YOU will be OK!

Just be YOU and stay OUT there - No one can find you if they can't find you! Ha.

EVERYONE has within them qualities another person would cherish. Everyone has in them --LOVE.

Your match is out there. It might NOT be the perfect image you imagine. But it is actually BETTER if it isn't! WHY?

Because, just like I eventually found in my own marriage, the MOST critical factor to have and to IDENTIFY when dating is that you are TRULY...FRIENDS.

Yep--above all of the hearts and kisses, dreams of unending romance, friendship must win out. Or it's doomed anyway.

In fact my story just naturally played itself out that way.

My wife Becky and I knew each other for years prior to our really getting together. We both saw each other as attractive, nice, fun, etc.

But each of us THOUGHT we wanted MORE. I wanted a perfect "princess"!

I think she wanted a "toughguy" with a million bucks to take care of her(I'm guessing but I bet that comes close)

Anyway--we "dated" awhile and then stopped.

Then after dating others we tried again. Stopped again. Never with any hard feelings or anything--it just went that way, NATURALLY.

We both started getting older ( and wiser!) Neither of us was willing to just settle for just "anyone". Many people DO--and that is ALWAYS a mistake! So DO NOT settle!

The way we finally ended up together is kind of funny. It started at a New Year's Eve party we both attended. I had my current girlfriend with me that came all the way from Boston to visit.

I was dancing with the girl from Boston most of the night. I didn't even know my wife was there too.

I excused myself from the table of my friends to walk to the restroom. On the way, someone tugged at my sleeve and said .."hey!" It was Becky. It was the start of the final chapter of my dating career.

Yes,the girl from Boston went back to Boston.

Becky and I started up yet again. THIS time though, we both started to relaize several things.

That we really were GOOD friends!

And we were still attracted to each other, too!

And we felt very compfortable with each other.

What would someone want in a relationship? Well who knows but THAT stuff had BETTER be there!

So, since neither of us had ever found perfection, we decided WE were as good as it would ever get!

We never settled. We waited.

And then the natural process really did take care of itself.

No it's not perfect. Never will be. BUT our relationship IS GOOD. And it is STRONG.

And is our family perfect? Our children?

Well.....maybe not.

But it's as close as it could possibly be!

Relax. Just go out and have fun. It'll happen for you, too.

Or maybe you should be a single person.

That's OK too--as long as it's OK..



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