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Dog Birthday Cake?

You've Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!

A dog birthday cake?

Why would anyone in their right mind, bother to baking cakes for dogs? Well, that's just it. How many people do you know that are really in their right minds? People are generally off their proverbial rockers.

For The Mutts Or Are We Just NUTS?

Now before you click away, let me tell you about my own “qualifications” for writing this page. Since I was born, my dad has owned, trained, bred, fed, cleaned, weaned, nursed, barked, parked disciplined, yelped,whelped and most of all LOVED over 25 different breeds/mixes of dogs. He was much more “akin” with the dogs than he was with humans — especially my mother.

As for dogs and dog birthdays, we never really bothered with them. That is, until a few years ago. My mother is perhaps even more of a certifiable dog lover. She just shares her OWN birthday cakes with her dog. They don't even use utensils! I'm pretty sure they both lick the plate too...together.

You see, there really IS good reason to throw your dog a birthday party. Logically, doesn't it follow that you would want to bake some birthday cakes for dogs too? If you need some good dog birthday cake recipes, you can find them HERE.

What? There are recipes for birthday cakes for dogs? Yep! Don't you (and they) love it?

Warm And Moist

You probably think I am referring to the dog birthday cakes, right? Nope. There's a constant warm and moist feeling many times during the day right on my left elbow as I sit in my recliner writing articles like this one.

It's MY dog Summer. Snout perched right there awaiting a crumb or nibble from my snack or sandwich. She wasn't supposed to happen. I was literally forced into bringing her home 1 year ago. You see, my family is also crazy. Not I of course; just the rest of 'em.

You know , the wife and three kids that just COULD NOT resist the cute little monster we found accidentally one day. Now I am the one spending 8 hours a day, letting her out — and in—and out...and in. Where are the kids and loving wife? She's at work and they are – all over the place but generally nowhere near the dog!

Sooo. No it's not any kind of cake or baked good that is warm and moist every day. It's Summer's DOG breath! I am now wondering if there's a dog cake recipe for MINT flavored dog birthday cakes.

To The Dogs..."Happy Birthday!" Dog-Gone-It!

So what makes us love them? You know as well as I do. Their little faces are pathetic. They are more expressive than most people. conniving, fun loving and antagonistic. They do things that make us cry, scream in anger and laugh right out loud. They are emotional train wrecks. They're furry.

And you tell me how dogs just “know” that our kids are also THEIR puppies. That's pretty amazing.

But most of all, the reason dogs deserve a real birthday, a party and yes a dog birthday cake, is really, truly simply that ....they love...US!

No conditions. No grudges. Just constant loyalty and pure love. They have earned the right to have their cake – (and yes- they WILL eat it too)

And the kids will be there making a huge..mess..too. And we adults will all hate it. And we'll all love it - at the same time.

For that reason alone I say, LET THEM EAT CAKE!


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