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How organized are you? Need some ideas?


Defined as " production relative to time and/or energy expended."

This website ahd pages/sections on TIME and Health and the importance of managing both to increase the total QUALITY of our lives.

We have only been given so much time to live.

So why just fritter it away?

Isn't it a pain to forget your grocery list and have to go back home to get it?

Or have you neglected to organize a closet or filing cabinet?

Often, we end up REPEATING our work don't we? And that is a waste of time and LIFE!

I also think, however, that if we become fanantics about organization and list making etc. THAT can start to erode how much we enjoy life and then it can be counter-productive. Perfection in efficiency is truly impossible to achieve.

So, once again, the tried and true statement makes the most sense.

"All in Moderation"

Therefore, my philosophy is now this:

Organize, organize. Think things out before acting. PLAN you days,weeks, and months.

When shopping, try to get most things in one place! (EX. Like you can right on THIS WEBSITE!!)

Do this conscientiously and consistently.

If you slip up....LAUGH! And then try to do better next time.

I hope we have given you some great tools to help you use time to your advantage and to be more productive at work as well as at home.

You are now a more EFFECIENT person!



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