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Learn what this term REALLY means and what it takes to DO it correctly!

How important do I feel "FAMILY COMMUNICATION" is to families? How about to idividuals-- and the WORLD?


That's THE word. It is a one-word answer to the question:

"How important would you say great family communication is to the world?":

If there is ONE single "core" value in the FAMILY that is the ENTIRE WORLD--it's communication.

What you say? Why do you tell me this is so very, very, important to me and my FAMILY?....

OK.. Just take a breath. THINK about the word "CORE". It means "at the center", "crux" "most pertinent", "vital", on and on.


EVERYTHING in the world DEPENDS on good, and

ACCURATE Communication--doesn't it?

Family Communication EXAMPLES:

"He said this, she said that...."

"MOMMMMMM!--Tracy just hit me...waaaaa!...."

"But he/she never TOLD me about......"

That's NOT what you said this morning HONEY!...."

OR--"Dad-- why didn't you TELL me how many beers I should have......"

OR "I never REALLY thought I needed to use a condom..."

"Work" Family Communication EXAMPLE:

"I don't remember anyone saying there was a meeting on...."

WORLD-Family Communication EXAMPLE:

"OUR BEST INTELLIGENCE has proven to be in error--our sources may not be CREDIBLE......."

Have you recently heard anything similar?

Chances are -- you HAVE.

Do you think this is a big issue? Does it cause hardship in lives, families, nations, the WORLD!?


So what can be done? Is there a way to make things better? "That must be IMPOSSIBLE!"-right?


I strongly believe that while communicating effectively is NOT EASY, it CAN be done.


Just like hitting a BASEBALL. Making a jumpshot. Learning how to land after a double axel.

Family Communication doesn't just HAPPEN!

THAT'S the PROBLEM--maybe THE-ROOT-PROBLEM of the world!

Human beings tend to take UNDERSTANDING each other completely for GRANTED!

That's why we have always had wars, heartache, learning struggles, and FAMILY strife!

So, if you want things around YOU to change, you must realize that COMMUNICATION is a SKILL! You must learn to "Master The Skill".... Especially when it comes to your family communication.

I have always, for whatever reason, been an above average communicator. (There will always be room for improvement, of course!)

Most people, if asked the seemingly SIMPLE question:

"What is communication?"

would be tongue-tied! (try it!)

Others would simply state something like: Well, you say something to someone else.

or "You say something to someone and they receive it."

"Two-way radio!"

They pretty much leave it at THAT! That's all there is to it??????

Output "something". Input "something" Easy.

I'll bet that some of the BEST TRUE COMMUNICATORS in the world are:

Family Counselors ----- and

COMPUTER Programmers.

Why? Because in order to merely DO their JOBS, they are FORCED to communicate with skill! They HAVE to get it right or they fail.

So what's the KEY to better family communication?

Here it is in a very small nutshell: PLEASE DO THE WORLD a FAVOR and READ and FULLY UNDERSTAND this point!

--YOU and I will be SO GLAD YOU DID!

Here it is:

Communication is generally seen as a ONE-way or at best a TWO-way event.


TRUE communication is a FOUR-WAY (MINIMUM!)interaction--or there IS no communication "EVENT".

EXAMPLE of typical TWO-WAY:


I SAY to you: "Hi honey, I'm going to work at 8:30--please get the kids at 3."


You HEAR: "Honey, I'm going now-get the kids, ok?"

(Do you see the high chance of error? THIS is what happens in life EVERY day, All day!, Everywhere in the world--it's human nature)


EXAMPLE of FOUR-WAY real Communication:

Step ONE:

Honey, I'm going to work at 8:30. Please get the kids at 3.

Step TWO:

OK--But do you mean 8:30 this morning or evening? (answers--morning). And honey? (yes?) Do you mean get the kids from the neighbors or off of the bus at 3? (off the bus!)

Step THREE: Yes, I'm sorry, dear. I work this morning and I wasn't sure if the kids had school or not today. But John, next door told me they do--so you'll need to hget them from the BUS today.

Step FOUR: OHHHH! OK. I didn't know for sure either!--I'm glad John knew. OK, then see you later and I'll be sure I pick up the kids from the Bus at 3 o'clock.

Is this a better family communication EVENT?See any LESS chance of a problem? Was it hard to do? NO!

So why don't we do it like that? WE DON'T THINK about it!

I really hope you do.. from NOW ON!

P.S. Just to make another subtle point. Most websites have a Navigation Bar that asks visitors to "CONTACT US!"

Visitors can "CONTACT" website owners ALL day, all year, forever. Nothing will ever happen until what happens?....

Look for MY "CONTACT US! button.



So there you go. Start with better family communication. Then let the ideas on this page spread like wild fire!

Here's to better relations for ALL of us!

I hope this has given you some great "food for thought"

Thanks so much for reading! If you want to know more you can easily

READ MORE about family communication HERE.


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