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Special Family Gift Occasion?
Here's the REALLY Good Stuff!


for Friends & Relatives That Can't Miss!

I JUST learned of this special holiday offer and thought (like Rudolph) that it should lead the way!

Wow! The BEST possible gift even MORE affordable!

Some of you are "wrapping up" your holiday shopping. But I suspect most of you are like I am. Waiting again this year for the "pressure" to be on!

If you are still looking for the one-of-a-kind very special gift for someone... please take a CLOSE look at the link below.

If you really want to give a gift that expresses love this has to be it. This is the gift of a whole new "world of opportunity" for just about ANYONE (yes,it is for real.)

A huge bargain at the regular price but right now until MIDNIGHT DEC 25th you can save 100.00 for your loved ones, a business acqaintance, or even for YOURSELF! Do yourself and those you care about a big holiday favor and at least take a look...you will ALL be VERY glad you did.

This is the hands down best "start a REAL business of your OWN" or "enhance the business you already have" system I have EVER seen. If you have friends, colleagues, family members or know of ANY "moms" out there that want to build something of value for their families... THIS is the perfectthing to give to them all!

Give the gifts of "passion, creativity and opportunity". The IDEAL holiday gift!


Only the BEST Family Gift Ideas!

Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

Boy are YOU a smart (Christmas?)cookie!

If you are looking for a no hassle way to get all of this done and done WELL, www.corefamilyvalueshomeport.com is the RIGHT place to do it!

After all--that's what we're all about; helping people to be happier!

And what better way to try to make that happen than to present someone with a beautifully thought out or simply wanted GIFTfrom YOU!?

Here's what we've done for you. We research the web everyday for the best shopping and family gift ideas values. The concept is to allow you to get the things you need WITHOUT having to make a trip or spend time walking around all day. It's all right here at your finger tips!

AND......we have also, at the same time, sprinkled in a plethora of OTHER more unique and/or specific specialty shops or items thatyou may NOT be able to find any other way. At least not without a lengthy shopping trip or Internet Search!

We only recommend the SAFEST, high quality vendors there are. You have more security here than you do at the offline stores. This is becoming a well-known fact supported by ABC television's 20/20 and Good Morning America,news organizations everywhere and also publications like Reader's Digest!(Did you know that even if someone DOES get you personal information. YOUR liability is only $50.00! Maximum. And that is often waived. So really--you can feel extremely safe and secure. The internet is awesome and getting better and better daily.)

Since you are here I thought you would appreciate a special gift this year from me.Whether you buy here online OR out at the Malls later...grab some PRINTABLE COUPONSright now(click the green banner) that you can use to SAVE Money on all of you family gift ideas no matter where you make your purchases! Happy Holidays one and all from:

Core Family Values Home Port!

Shop Better with KeyCode.com

P.S. I'm assuming you ARE looking for the perfect family gift idea. What could be a more ideal Gift for ANYONE than to give them the gift of a new BUSINESS of their very own that can lead them great happiness, freedom and to financial independence! This is something EVERYONE needs in today's world. But especially if you have "computer" oriented or "business" oriented family and/or friends. Here's an EXAMPLE of what I DO with the idea. (Click on the image to go directly to the site).

By the way, the site you are on NOW is also MY work and business! If YOU or anyone you love might like to learn how to do this very same kind of thing (it is VERY affordable and EASY to accomplish...Plus I'll HELP them get going and be there for them any time at all too!) In fact, Here's my direct phone number!

Leave me a message(or an e-mail address--I'll send out FREE information ASAP to you.) and I WILL call you (or them) right back.

I will NOT try to SELL anything. I am including this program on THIS page for a VERY good reason. It's WONDERFUL! When you call I will simply try to help you see that so you understand the incredible beauty of this system.

OK. Need some MORE great gift ideas?...

Blair.com Holiday Gift GivingYR 120x60 Spree

Search For:

Yet More Family Gift Ideas? Or maybe something very special for a good friend?

General Logo    

Click right HERE for another EXCELLENT example!:

A Beautiful, Unique and Healthy Family Gift Idea!

Another great EXAMPLE!--> A2Z CDs has some fantastic family gift ideas for everyone.

Be sure to take a look! (just CLICK on the Banner!)...

A2ZCDS Default Banner

And I also JUST reviewed: (CLICK on the Banner!)

Huge Discount at unbeatablesale

This looks like a GREAT resource for any special occasion.

If you are a real BARGAIN hunter, you'll want to look here:

OR if someone you have on your list is a MUSICIAN or wants to become one-- you may want to visit "The Musician's Friend" andBrowse the Virtual Online Holiday Catalog

...also, if you have a MOVIE buff or kids/teens that are into Video GAMES--THIS looks like the INTELLIGENT answer! Check them out too.(be SURE to look into their SUPERPASS option for what I think is THE best deal around!!

So, in essence, we are your "MICRO"-Internet shopping portal. You win EVERY time by saving time, money, effort and most of all--the FRUSTRATION!

We think you'll find many family gift ideas or that very special something you're after. We think they'll just LOVE it (and you) too!

**REMEMBER--The REST of this entire site has hidden (OK maybe NOT so hidden-wink!) treasures for you to find as well! So you needn't STOP here. Look around! And you'll never have to wait in LINE!

There's a big SHORTCUT at the Bottom of the page! Just CLICK on whatever you think you might need!)

If you still can't find something here that you want--LET US KNOW AND WE'LL ADD it to the Program.

You will also be able to conveniently take the "easy" way out. Most merchants offer gift certificates ( I actually PREFER them!).

REMEMBER--ALL of the merchants WE recommend have long standing records of stellar business practices and ethics. They process transactions SECURELY so you have very little risk at all--definitely LESS than you would have "out there". We will always try to offer YOU the very best shopping VALUES we know about. Period. These Pine Cone Lightsfrom Plow and Hearth are a great example.

Thank You for coming. Please tell your friends about this great gift ideas time-saving site!
Give the gift of style with Sony Style Gift Cards. Amounts start at $25 up to $1000 and they never expire!

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or perhaps you need a nice gift for the GARDENER    or the blessed ENVIRONMENTALIST!


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