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FAMILY HOLIDAYS and Special Events!

A Time for Families & Friends to Celebrate!

WWW.NirvanaChocolates.com Snifffffffff!......Ahhhhh. The Family Holidays.

That's what I remember.

Just as Dad dragged it in, pounded on the base and tipped it up into place. I would walk over and stick my WHOLE face right into the branches and inhale deeply.

Is there a stronger or longer lasting Family Holidays impression than the smell of a freshly cut Christmas Tree? All of the gifts,TOYS, food and drink, friends and family are absolutely wonderful, too. But the smell of the tree-- it just SCREAMS holidays at you. I'm not talking about the spray-on stuff either. Every year I make SURE our tree is REAL and as fresh as possible.

And speaking of Christmas and trees, that reminds me of LIGHTS and decoration for, Gosh! only 3 more months to December!!

Time to start thinking about NEW LIGHTS? Around Fall each year, thoughts of the beautiful Summer days begin to diminish and we have to begin thinking of next Summer.

Thank goodness for family and the Family Holidays! It all begins with the start of school. Once the kids are settled it seems it's nearly Halloween!

Several trips to the dentist later and just when we thought the weight was starting to come off--Darn! Thanksgiving. YOU TELL ME HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REFRAIN from partaking in THAT MEAL!?

Orson Wells couldn't do it after winning a hot dog eating contest! (No offense intended to the Wells family--it's just the best anecdote I could think of) I TRY every year to get through and then.....CHRISTMAS, HANNUKAH, KWANZAA, and NEW YEARS!

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Then it's all over...OOPS--SUPERBOWL party!.....

May 468x60

What is this? An AMBUSH?

Yes-it's virtually impossible to lose weight or even maintain it when the family holidays arrive. I've learned to try to nibble here and there and then just truly enjoy the ride right through to Spring. What better way to add quality to living than to reflect upon what we mean to each other at this time of year. It's so darned easy to take it all for granted any other time isn't it?

So don't. Be sure to slow down.Take Care. Have some real stress-free fun. We really only have one life to live. What better time to love and respect and nurture? It's time for the human body and soul to rejuvenate and heal.

Plus--there's bound to be more cookies around somewhere, too! Need to get my fix until Valentines Day! (Cookies never make it all the way to Easter. Oh brother there we go again...Memorial Day, July 4th... Summer IS one big family holiday....it never stops does it. Isn't life grand?

Uhhh...speaking of "grand"...That's about how much more in DEBT I am each year after the

GIFTS I buy during all of these Family Holidays!


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