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The Family PETS

Extensions of Love and Family:

Best Friends, Healthful Healers, and True Companions.

Love your family pets?

Make sure you take care of them--JUST FILL IN the BOX and then CLICK the "PAW"!

Read on...

Jingle, jingle….rustle… WHOOSH! ---WHAM—Yelp!!!! “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOO!


I’ll never forget it. One Christmas long ago when I was about 5 or 6 years old-- my father was the BEST Christmas tree decorator in the whole world. NO Kidding!

We had those BIG old style bulbs and a whole bunch of special ornaments. Three colors of tinsel and garland all intricately interwoven throughout the trees branches. And a BIG yellow STAR at the top! But what made all of this SO magical was the perfectly applied blanket of glass spun ANGEL HAIR—all around the whole tree!

Dad had just finished working his magic that year and we had just finished getting over our yearly AHHHHH! When Mom let in from the back door our lovely and very playful #1 family pet-- our beautiful,pure white, GERMAN SHEPHERD……..(Now read the top of the page again and see if means more to you)

Yep—the dog ran right in the back door—into the family room in under the TREE and around and through. Just like the string that spins a toy TOP—and—well….yeah—now you get it.

But Dad LOVED all of our family's pets--especially his dogs.

We actually grew up with 3 to 6 dogs of different breeds (yes—all at the same time.—Bags of dog food—watch your step everywhere—man that stinks –what is it? Puppies born on beds and out the back door. Veterinarian bills! One of the best stoies I have follows:

"Reminds me of a cute story about a mini schnauzer we once had. He ran out the front door one day and about 5 huge strays were after him. They would have eaten him I think. I clearly remember seeing the whites of his little eyes as they were literally on his tail. But he must have been a very smart little guy. Just as they were about to strike, he scooted underneath a parked car and ran straight back into the house. All I remember hearing on the other side of the car was....boom,boom,boom, Yelp! Hilarious! Let the small dogs rule!"

And that’s just the dog picture.

We had many more pets in our lives. We also had fish (until I dropped a hammer through the aquarium!) and guinea pigs (until the beautiful white shepherd had him for lunch on the living room floor—(his name was PIZZA). My all time favorite was my pet gerbil named Cindy (Cinderella) I had her for what seemed like forever until one day she got a little over zealous on her running wheel and broke her leg….no glass slipper for Cindy.

Now that I have my OWN family and three young children, I have to look at this once again as an adventure. Is it an adventure I want to go on again? I don’t think I do. But what about the KIDS? Don’t they need pets to learn how to love and to care? Not to mention “responsibility”?

And they are just now starting to notice the pretty little fishies at Wal-Mart. And they ask now "what IS The Humane Society, MOM?" (uh-oh…I TOLD her those frequent trips to the Zoo were a bad idea—ha-ha)

OK—we HAVE thus far given in to a goldfish. Darned thing was free and he costs about an hour of work a week and 10 bucks a month for supplies!

And now he needs a bigger tank! It was a FREE fish! Man, what a racket!

(If YOU need a great source for your pet supplies-here you go-CLICK the lizard!):

But it’s all for the kids.. and “Goldie” IS kind of a nice little fishie, a relatively easy family pet……and HE doesn’t even know we GET a Christmas tree each year!


SIDE NOTE!=>I recently heard about another very LOVEABLE but just as challenging animal that makes a great family pet--IF you have some patience! To learn what it is.. CLICK Here!


Need a sure-fire GIFT idea? No matter WHAT your favorite family pet....

these folks HAVE it for you!

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