Sometimes we all need a little.....


Whether we like it or not, eventually I think, ALL of us will need family legal advice at some time in our lives.

Hopefully, we never intend to act in conflict with the law. After all, that's exactly why there ARE laws and legal advice and systems in place throughout the world.

But things happen and situations occur- don't they?

I have been in a few relatively insignificant (Thank Goodness!) situations where I needed legal consultation. In fact, MY own family is embroiled right now in a lengthy estate settlement because of the passing of my father 2 years ago. So I NEED some very good family legal advice. (I also have a home based business and can benefit that way also.)

This is a perfect example, actually, and one that many of you either have or will encounter. But I hope you don't.

I'll give you a quick rundown:

Dad passes on X-mas eve 2003.

There are 3 of his children of and I am the second of the three in age. There is also a whole history of grandchildren from a PREVIOUS marriage that feel entitled to whatever monetary value there might be.

OK--already getting too long. To sum it up: My older sister lives way out of town and it would have been FAR easier for me to get everything in order both physically and legally--BUT NOOOOOOO! (see.. I have developed a poor attitude--I need to read Tony Robbins again). She just HAD to be "EXECUTRIX" because Dad had named her as the "eldest" to execute his will. Instead of transferring the responsibility to me--which is a big pain in the XXX by the way--she just HAD to do it herself from a big distance. It was a huge EGO thing for her and an "HONOR" so she said.

Fast forward: Well it bacame a legal, logistical and emotional family quagmire in which we are still very immersed. We are still waiting for final settlement of a very SMALL estate which should have been very easy to get completed. We three siblings are having a very hard time even talking. The "Executorny" as I have lovingly dubbed big sis--has stopped even e-mailing us any updates.

There's WAY more to it all but that's why we need legal advice. I sincerely hope this page helps you when you find yourself in any situation like or very different from this one. In addition, along the way, it is my recommendation that you seek a legal professional just as cautiously as you would a health care provider. THAT may just be your very best family legal advice!

Perhaps if I had known about the following do-it-yourself legal document system, I could have saved some money adnfrustration.

Check things out at:

If you need professional family legal advice NOW-Just CLICK Here! This is a GREAT place to begin.

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