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Yes, healthy and nutritious, but on THIS page--just plain FUN!


Good FOOD!

That's the subject of this section of the site.

To us it seems so easy to just go to get something GOOD to eat. And it IS easy. And the focus of this section of the site is simply to have FUN with food and nutrition.

HOWEVER..Before we do this,Let's be perfectly clear on a much MORE important issue. We, at www.corefamilyvalueshomeport.com, would be completely remiss in regard to the core purpose of this website if we do not direct attention and respect to the BILLIONS of people in the world that do NOT enjoy the ease and sheer availability of ANY kind of food AT ALL (EX. Niger and the Tsunami victims plus many, many more).

All we ask is that you truly RECOGNIZE--how very, very fortunate you are. Until WE know that--HOW will we humble ourselves and try to help those in SO MUCH NEED?

Have fun here and learn how you and YOUR family can enjoy great food, snacks, beverages and overall nutrition. But PLEASE remember those less fortunate and help us, if you can, to find ways we might help--even if in a very small way. I know the feeling that it's a HUGE problem and challenge--"so what can I do.." I feel exactly the same way. My hope is that through this FAMILY and CHILD oriented website, we can eventually create a small community ( and perhaps we'll add a FORUM ) where, together, we might make a greater impact in the world. I welcome ANY input form groups or individuals with ideas on how we might start the ball rolling....just converse with me using the COMMUNICATE with US! navigation button at left. If you want to learn more go to our NEWS page or BOOKS page. Thank YOU!


I know I definitely AM one of the very fortunate. My belly PROVES it! I live in the USA. I have a wife whom, it seems, CAN'T stop bringing me(really for the KIDS!) chips, Oreos, chocolate, Soda pop etc. etc. And that's just SOME of the "SNACKS"!

We also regularly have PIZZA, hamburgers, chicken, stir-fry, goulash, chili, tacos, spaghetti, etc. Boy! No wonder I weigh what I do! Actually I AM concerned about the health aspects of the typical US family food and eating habits. And I AM conscientiously making a good effort to turn things around in a more healthful way. IT IS POSSIBLE!

My philosphy--and I know it's a good, sound and healthy one--is that you really CAN have ANYTHING you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks. BUT,BUT,BUT.....

You DO have to CONTROL it! That's MY issue--I keep giving myself PERMISSION to DEVIATE from a healthy eating pattern. "Permission to deviate". Read it again. I truly believe THAT's why MOST people experience overweight health problems. They just don't stick to the plan!

So, the key then HAS to be to ALLOW for FUN and eat what you LIKE and WANT!

BUT EAT LESS of it ALL! AND STAY AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE! Yep--it really IS, in the vast majority of cases, just plus and minus, supply and demand. MY family doctor agrees fully with this so it's NOT just my layman's opinion.

OK--so this page has turned into somewhat of a bleeding heart sermon on world and individual health.

I truly did NOT intend to write the page this way. But maybe it's the BEST way I could've done it.

After all, if we do not help each other, and use common sense to stay healthy, we CAN'T enjoy life, food OR have much real FUN- can we?


There's a LOT of good (and hopeflly some healthy!) FUN here and you will likely want to continue over to the COOKING page too!

Food is fundamental part of the family and society. It has been since the very beginning of the human race. Isn't it AMAZING how far the journey has taken us?

Want a starter RECIPE?

Try "JACKIE'S ROCKET FUEL!" Potato Salad!!

This potato salad is SOOOOO good it's DANGEROUS! If you consider the ingredients and then the human digestive process...well,

THAT'S how it got its NAME!

I think we could've easily fuelled the last Shuttle Mission! Maybe we've discovered the answer to the energy crisis! But boy, oh boy, despite those "scientific facts", YOU WILL come back for MORE!!

For the recipe on a typed laminated card to keep for generations, SEND us your name and ADDRESS and $1.99 to:

JRF Potato Salad 4258 Alison Avenue Erie, PA 16506

We'll send you your recipe the SAME day we get your request!


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