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It's not a HOME without

Every year about now I get the feeling.

Time to start thing “spring” and that means GARDENING!

Life springs eternal and humans are a part of nature just as the woodland creatures, trees and lakes and oceans. In winter it feels like the outdoors is non existent –at least here in the Northeastern US it does.

Then comes a few signs of longer days and a bit more sunshine. Suddenly it seems, there is new optimism and we know that the end of the cold and dark is near. The air seems to have that childhood “fresh” smell that makes us want to go outside. If you look closely in February and March, flower bulbs might peak up and trees buds are just starting to “swell” These are sure signs of a wonderful new season of hope and fun days outdoors. We’ll see our nextdoor neighbors again that have hidden inside for the last 6 months!

In my basement, I have already begun my season! I have some Tomatoes and Peppers seeded and growing in flats so that they have a headstart this year! It’s time to get the rest of my SEEDS ordered and my raised beds planned out for the new season! To CATCH UP to me ASAP simply visit:


Every year seems to have its own particular successes and NON-successes. I am a “Vegetable” Guy. My wife is the “Flower Girl”. We can’t seem to work together directly When it comes to the Outside of the house—so it’s a pretty good partnership to keep us separate! (But she DOES like the Veggies!—and I also love the flowers!)

So here you go! Another section of Information, product suggestions, seed companies and tools all Gardening and/or landscaping relative. Once again, I include only the very BEST information and recommendations.

Here’s to your most Beautiful and Productive Gardens ever!


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