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What do you really think about......

GOD Family Values?

Now THIS is a topic!

How should we look at God Family Values?

What do you believe? IS there a GOD? One? Several? Man or Woman? Buddha? Allah? Jesus?

And if we are not so sure...HOW do we teach kids God Family Values? What do we really want them to take out into the world? After all,weare talking about a subject so CORE to human values, that it has always been and probably forever WILL be one of the most debated and disgreed upon concept ever!

So IF we want or need to come to terms with God and how to try to explain God Family Values--especially to our kids, we need to have a certain view of the world and God--OURSELVES first--true? And THAT can be as unique and individualized as our fingerprints!

I think, just for your contemplation, that much of the world's troubles with regard to religion and God stems from a real lack of 2 things. One is lack of DOCUMENTED FACT. The other is SOUND PHILOSOPHICAL THEORY.

Many will add much more to that and others will want to argue those points. But let's just keep this a Family God Values web page, OK? (Thank you for keeping an open and friendly mind!)

To me, (and this is solely MY personal way to explain G-O-D.--whatever that entity truly is or maybe...isn't?) God can ONLY be explained away or rationalized as "WHY" or "THE REASON". That's my CORE God Family Value.

If that seems odd, overly simple or vague to you that's OK. I am not a theologian. Nor am I even well enough educated on this subject (having only had 3 or 4 college courses relative to the subject.) But I AM fascinated. How can one be alive and NOT be? And further, I DO have a rather unique perspective. My Mother tried her best to raise us as Roman Catholic Christians.

My father, while I would not say he was an atheist, may well have been categorized as agnostic.

Therefore, I saw really both EXTREMES of view.I know there are all kinds of well read Bible and Koran scholars out there. We even once entertained a visit from two Morman elders to hear their historical record. Very interesting. There are many, many views on just what God Family Values are or should really be.

The thing is...I have NEVER heard on the Today Show, 700 Club, or in ANY Book, church or university forum, any really convincing arguments that ANY religion or point of view is any better or more accurate than any other. (Last week Larry King Live had several Theologian World Leaders on the show. There was an Protestant Minister, a Roman Catholic Priest, an Islam leader, A Jewish Rabbi and even the president of the Atheists of the world. Marianne Williamson(author of several books on LOVE and spirituality--Ex. "A Course in Miracles") was also on the show. She informed us that she is Jewish also.

The topic was: What happens to us when we die? I thought these well educated scholars would have surely come to the same very sensible conclusions that I did about life death and God. I could then tell whether my personal views on God Family Values were on target. I was very surprised that they did NOT in general agree OR share my conclusions. My view is that most of us are pretty "rooted" in whatever belief system we grew up with. EVEN world leaders seem to prove this!

However--it was only an hour long program and that is hardly enough time for such a subjective topic as God, Religion, Philosophy. And then HOW to "distill" all of that into a good solid "God Family Values" lesson for our children. Whew!

Yes we have WARS and killing because of these various kinds of human differences. I personally find it very disturbing that we take our lives from each other trying to understand what or who GAVE us this opportunity in the first place! Seems pretty ridiculous for lack of better way to state such a thing. Isn't that EXCATLY the point here? The very reason we NEED to decide what our God Family Values need to be?

In a nutshell--and actually when it comes right down to it. All we CAN ever know can be contained really in a vessel as small as a ---nutshell! I truly believe there is NO possible way for ANY earthling to even come close to any in depth understanding of GOD.

But-I DO believe! And whole-heartedly! And here's MY philosophy for you to take or leave as you wish.

NOTHING comes from nothing (logically at least). Therefore, even a single THOUGHT is "something" right? And for a single thought to exist it MUST have come from somwehere or someTHING else first-right again? OK--then following that sequence of thinking: It really makes no sense for the "something" to have, as it's sole purpose, "evil" or "bad" does it? What would be the point in that? Doesn't make any sense at all. SO--in light of that--the original "something" must be for some kind of "good" right? It seems logical that there is a point to "good". Next--if that is true, then something "good" would only beget something ELSE that is also--good! Good would not beget evil--would it? OK. Then Logically--the MOST pure form of good must be pure LOVE don't you think--by it's very core definition? It then follows, that any something that comes from a pure form of good(or LOVE), is also love. And that the original something was the very FIRST "thought", "energy", "molecule", "being" or REASON and must have always BEEN and has forever been GOOD. If that is all logical, (and to me it simply IS very logical), then wouldn't the original reason for eveything be ALL about pure good or PURE LOVE? I think so.I believe that the GOD who belongs to ALL of us is completly about the best GOOD possible and that is ultimately pure LOVE.

Finally, and also logically in order--LOVE must be the meaning of ALL things.

Can we, as mere humans, manage to whittle it all down to THIS single God Family Value:?

Just LOVE each other. I KNOW there is "A" GOD---- And GOD is all about WHY. And WHY can only mean...LOVE.

Click the ARROW below for an inspirational video I think you'll appreciate!

Akiane Kramarik Young Spiritual Artist @ Yahoo! Video

Make LOVE the center of whatever you decide to include in your God Family Values--and we will ALL be just fine.


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