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A More Important Family Values Role Than

Here Are Your Good Parenting Resources!


You remember. Come on.....Yes--you WERE a kid once. Now ....Parenting--- it is YOU shouldering the humongous responsibilty of raising a child! How in the world do you know what's best?

You don't.

It's a huge and perpetually ongoing learning curve. We're on our third child and we still have SO many questions.

(Here's Parenting HELP!) www.behaviorstore.com

For one thing--They're each completely DIFFERENT! So how is it possible to follow any particular set of guidlines?

I don't believe it IS possible.

All we can do is seek to educate ourselves from the "experts".(If you are a parent worried about a child right now, I have a new friend whom IS a child development expert. I think you'll want to go to her website.) And then try our very best to APPLY that informative advice to our own child rearing "plans".

Take heart Mothers and Fathers of the world! If MY mom (ended up a single parent) and dad somehow got ME to this point in life (that's a whole separate website!) YOU WILL BE JUST FINE!!

I hope this website and especially the CHILD page and this specific page take at least a few of your headaches away so you can devote your efforts where they TRULY must be... on LOVING them! Do only that correctly--and you cannot fail.

When they have just about driven you CRAZY send them off to play. It's a challenge, though, to have ANY idea what TOYS and/or GAMES they might like--so this might help!

And while you're here, if you have school age children, check out this new program. It is something I KNOW you and they will both LOVE! It'll keep them (all of them) occupied and LEARNING for hours!

And if all else fails...ALL kids, (young and old) love a PARTY!!!

Along the way be SURE you are giving them HEALTHY home environment. You keep hearing about indoor pollution being worse than outdoors. Here's one good link to help you out--->


Need more Time? .......and also VERY Important!-->For some great TIME saving tips: Click HERE.


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