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The ULTIMATE Core Family Value!

Are you raising a healthy family?.

What could possibly be MORE important to you? The answer is obvious. “NOTHING”.

In fact this is so blatantly obvious that most of us really never even think about it. If we feel OK then we assume we have a healthy family. If we fear that we do not feel, as well as we know we should, we sometimes we go into “denial”. We do this because we fear that something may take our well-being from us. I will venture to say that anyone with a billion dollars in the bank would hand it over in one second if he thought it would buy his life back for him.

Having a really healthy family and healthy kids really IS worth MORE than all the money in the world! Isn’t it?

And how about the relationship between HEALTH and TIME? Well, if you do not have the former—you know one of two things:

Whatever time you have….is --- (yep-you said it already, right?) PRECIOUS!

OR if you lose your health completely—(hence, you expire) There is NO time to worry about. At least not as far as we earthly beings know it.

So there it is. Health is more important than TIME and MONEY! TIME is MORE important than MONEY, too. What? Time IS money you say? Not really. The reason is that you cannot LOSE time and make it back. You can lose millions and it is still possible to recover some, all or more. Right?

If we are to be as happy as we can be while we are here, we must understand this idea. If we waste money well-- that’s just not very smart. Money can make our lives better. However, if we waste our TIME and especially our HEALTH---that IS our Life! Now THAT’S a waste!

This page contains as much pertinent information with regard to this ultimate CORE VALUE as I could locate. I have included critical online informational resources like-- CANCER NUTRITION and Treatment Info!

and...WebMD has your ANSWERS!

Click HERE for great BREAST CANCER Information.

There is also information on the BEST nearby hospitals and other facilities by specialty--> Click HERE.......

For GREAT Information for KIDS and TEENS, CLICK here!

as well as more every day healthy family products that you may need... RIGHT NOW-- Great for raising healthy kids!
I hope that these are a few ways to make those of you in need find the information you seek more easily. I also hope that those of you who are healthy now, pay attention to the advice and articles so that you STAY that way! I need to do the very same thing, myself!

If you want to be around to take care of your beautiful, healthy families, obviously you first need to care of YOURSELF!

If you or a loved one has DIABETES-->click here!

click here!

Maybe ACNE is your main concern?-->Be sure to take care of your SKIN !

Especially in America, one of the MAJOR causes of having NOT-so healthy families is our weight. There are ALL SORTS of fad diets and product marketing ploys out there. According to everything I have researched---UNLESS your weight is influenced by another illness or condition Ex. Genetic predisposition--It's really just SUPPLY vs. DEMAND! In other words--Just USE UP more calories than you take in!

If you are finally SERIOUS about getting back to a more healthy weight , Click

HERE For the Wonderful New US Government "My Pyramid" Personalized Nutrition System. And then HERE-for a very helpful tracking instrument!

****Here are the REST of the Associations and Info. YOU NEED to take care of your family's HEALTH!****

And CLICK HERE forCONDITION SPECIFIC and HEART related Information!

Click here for many moreHEALTHCARE links!!

And, of course, many of us consider our animal friends to be just as much part of a healthy family! Let's be sure not to neglect PET HEALTH!
JUST FILL IN the BOX and then CLICK the "PAW"!


PLEASE let me know what I can do to make this area of the site better for you! You simply MUST have a HEALTHY FAMILY!

SPECIAL NOTE of CAUTION: PLEASE use good sense when using this site's resources. The information and products are here to help you. But, as ALWAYS, consult with your primary physician to be sure any decisions you make are medically sound and right for YOU!


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