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Your BODY really IS your Temple!

How to be sure you take care of yourself on the OUTSIDE!

Heavenly Body.

You are probably thinking one of three things.

A. This page is about Earth and Space Science OR B. That Girl or Guy you saw at the beach yesterday. OR C. My Goodness! That new shampoo really DOES work!

Did I even get a smile?

OK--yes I am pretty much a nerd. I DO actually have a degree in SCIENCE!

And I have been known to ogle a few pretty women.

And my hair? Well, let's just say that's starting to turn into kind of a touchy subject (if you get my drift.....)

But all kidding aside. When we think about our Health, we usually DON'T--"think" about it. Isn't that true? WHY is that?

Well, it's because whatever or whomever created mankind has bestowed each one of us with an INCREDIBLE gift! Our Body!

It is so inconceivably miraculous that we actually DO NOT have to think about being healthy--it already KNOWS what to do.

That is....most of the time.

We've all heard the saying.."You never know".

That's right WE don't. "WE" did not create ourselves, our minds, our spirits or our bodies. Life--(every nanosecond of it!)-- is truly the most precious GIFT there is.

Our physical selves are merely the protective covering-so to speak.

Sometimes (this is a very weird thought so get ready..) I try to imagine what "life" really IS. I think about a room of people perhaps in a bar or restaurant.

Then I try to "see" them all WITHOUT a body-- as skeletons. (I told ya this was weird.)

But stay with me a second--if we had NO flesh. We would be just a structure of bones and the LIFE FORCE!--whatever that is!

And really that's about ALL we truly are. Just some matter (or stuff,material, mix of chemicals arranged a certain way--just like a chair or a refrigerator.)Just a "body"... but we also have LIFE! The GIFT.

Somehow, I try my hardest to figure out HOW in the world, we can think, and love, and feel hot or cold. These are all EXPERIENCES that at least theoretically happen just in the MIND. So why do we need a body at all?

And when our "Matter" wears out or fails us we may suffer pain and mental anguish-- More EXPERIENCES of LIFE. And WHY DO WE ONLY feel good MENTALLY if we also FEEL good BODILY? It CAN'T be otherwise can it?

So, then, what HAPPENS to our ability to EXPERIENCE. To LIVE? IS it all OVER?


Still think I am totally wacko? Or did that STIR something in you?

Do you now have more appreciation for your body and the interconnection that it has to LIFE itself? I hope so.

I hope you had fun reading this section. No one knows all the answers except........

Undoubtedly though, there IS a mind-body interrelationship that cannot be distinguished from another really. Our core being--our whole lives--depend on being healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.

Take great care of yourselves. Be actively conscious about it. It's FAR TOO IMPORTANT to take for granted. And our families and children depend on us to teach the same values.

Live LIFE to the fullest. Do it TODAY! Yes it's true!

First, beauty IS only SKIN deep--make sure your skin is healthy!

And then maybe even...

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