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Healthy Family Meals And

”You ARE what you eat”.

The Core Value we take for granted until it’s (almost?) too late?

Let's talk about Healthy Family Meals and the importance THIS really has as a Core Family Value.

Oh how easy it is to slip into the cycle. How often do any of us give a real thought to preparing TRULY Healthy Family Meals?

It's the psychology of the human mind to just take one's health for granted. Afetr all, if we feel "decent" or "good" then we are "healthy" aren't we?

It's almost always only when the cart crashes and our bodies start to tell us either dramatically or subtly that "something's just not right". That the thought of our health even occurs to us.

Any health professional will tell you that good health and longevity depend upon several factors in combination. Some of which are: Family History and Genetic Makeup, Personality Traits and Ability to deal with Stress, Exercise and Activity Levels, Proper Sleep and Rest and, of course...


Here is the New US Government "My Pyramid" System--It's Wonderful!


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