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Make this house a HOME!

Say you want to do some "Home Improvement"?

Ha –Ha… House Vs Home. What makes the difference? The first thing is Love. Without it. No "home" is possible. Once you have love you just need--Home Improvement IDEAS--and a good plan of action!! Simple as that. And you CAN do just about anything yourself. Remodel, improve the interior decor, build or add on to your house, finish a basement... like I DID!

Obviously it seems the HOUSE is just getting smaller everyday!

Built originally just for ME---it was “perfect”! But you know as well as I that LIFE has a lot of fun with us and likes to “play around”, right?

My story (uh-or should I now say “stories”—since I was forced to remodel the basement of my one story home to make room for my…FAMILY! Yep. At first just me and my freedom and a brand new house! Ya-Hoo! All I had to do was PAY for it…forever—cough! cough!

Then came the thing that all homes no matter WHAT size truly MUST have. L-O-V-E. Mine came in a special package. Wife AND baby!

NO MORE LONELY BOY! And the freedom? See ya!

Hello to the idea of Home Improvement!

All of a sudden, no more space for stuff-cupboards FULL of ?? I dunno what most of it is I just try to get to the coffee, man. And IF I can find a shirt—any shirt stuffed in “OUR” closet—I am a happy dude.

And as time goes on life seems to get more and more full of L-O-V-E. Another BOY 2 years later, and a baby GIRL in another 2 years. Yes – I am very “scientific about my baby timing! Ha. I joke a lot about it being three kids in three tries! So much for all that L-O-V-E!!!

So my BIG one story ranch is now a very TINY 2 story ranch and finished BASEMENT—which by the way….. is already F-U-L-L!!!!


Click Here for the COOLest house plans on the Internet!!

Home plans by The COOL house plans company

Well, we'll see. But for the time being, I decided to finish my BASEMENT.(See slideshow below) This was once just gray brick basement walls held up by steel support pipes--but not any more! Take a look!

So there it is. Home Improved. Perfect? Well, maybe not. But it IS much nicer!


Now what to do about this situation? Build again?, Add-on? THROW OUT the wife and Kids?(not really!) For now, we have decided that we will just sit and enjoy. We really DO have a beautiful home and an even more lovely family. In fact, children add more “stories” to life every single day! And no matter what—for all of us…..there will ALWAYS be enough room around here.

Now –of course along the way I have learned a lot about house and home stuff. And that’s your reward for reading this far! Great House, Home Improvement and Décor Information and links to products and resources will hopefully help you curse a lot less than I did while figuring everything out “like a MAN”! (It’s really a stupid way to think- I still have scars…and holes in my fingers, etc. So USE this information. You’ll L-O-V-E me for this!

Turn your house into a real warm and cozy HOME. Click the banner below for all kinds of great information on how to do just about anything you want to.

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You really can do it. Take a LOOK at what I was able to accomplish--and with NO help! Yes, a single middle-aged fat and balding man did THIS! Click HERE to learn how to do YOUR slideshow!


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