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Learn How To Write For The Web!

Why learn how to write for the web?

Many reasons! Do it simply because you love to write. Write for the internet as a pastime or relaxing hobby.

Heck, did you realize that internet publishing and writing for the web and it's audience is THE ultimate way to make MONEY using the Internet? It's TRUE.

What better reasons do you need? Think you cannot do it?

I think you are selling your self short. Very short. You'd have to be a total zombie not to be able to write at least one small but interesting story each day. then just learn to publish the writing to the web! All sorts of great things will come of it! Try it and see. Here's an example of an article that came straight off the top of my head THIS morning and took me about 30 minutes start to finish:


Morning At the Edge Of The Woods

Yaawwwn... I glance outside and notice that the sun is now up. It's forecast to be HOT today so I grab my coffee and decide to step out onto the deck while it's still cool.

Our house is situated on the edge of a large wooded area that leads to a Nature Preserve. Our street gets only residential passing traffic so it is very peaceful around here.

Once nestled next to the patio table in my well worn padded chair, I knew what a glorious morning I had before me to start my day. About 72 degrees, only the slightest breeze and the sun dancing onto what grass, trees and leaves it could reach while having still not risen above the top of our roof.

The typical cornucopia of birds are tweeting and fluttering all over up above and all around me. A brown and purple butterfly sailed peacefully across the deck unexpectedly. I can hear the insects buzzing loudly too, out in the woods. No other people, just the nature and me. Bliss.

The usual omnipresent band of squirrels are not to be found today. Hmmm? A smart looking sparrow with what looked exactly like a rusty brown “toupee” landed –just for a second—atop one of our Tiki lanterns. It was as though he wanted to just say “hi”. A large shadow swept across my view above. I looked just in time to glimpse a majestic green heron glide diagonally across the yard and into the woods.

I have a vegetable garden at the extreme back edge of our lawn that stretches into a large naturally sculpted “notch” carved out of the heavily treed woods behind the house. The garden struggles to get enough sun there but we are doing well this year.

Another sip from my cup and I notice some movement on the ground. Having to turn my head to the left to see, a baby rabbit is tumbling about nibbling on flowers, in and out from beneath our big pine tree. Nervous little fellow. But so cute! Like Walt Disney's genius, so accurately depicted in his film “Bambi”, but for real, right here in front of me. The bunny's mother is there, I spied his sister too. She saw me looking and disappeared as quickly three patches of cotton (two little feet and a tail) possibly can.

There's a robin's nest in a pear tree next to the deck. The robins are very active in our yard. It's fun to watch all the birds. I notice more very quick activity high into the branches of a huge cherry tree. I can tell it's a small bird. Very small. Just a feather bigger than a humming bird. But I can't get a good view, he's so quick! I am disappointed that I can't see what he really looks like. Oh well.

Now the sun is rising over the top of the roof. I can feel the beginnings of a 90 degree day. Time to go back inside.

Just as I prepare to say good-bye to the backyard for awhile, the same little bird flitted into the pear tree next to the robin's nest. He hopped out onto a branch right where I could see his speckled, light tan face and dark brown eyes, beak and tail. What a handsome guy! And he brought his wife too. They stayed together just for a moment. Then flew off to continue their business.

As I turned to step inside, I think I heard them whistle: “Good Morning”.


There. See how incredibly easy is is to write for the web?

It's no different than speaking out loud to a friend except that you write your words down. The only other thing to remember, and only if you are concerned about generating large amounts of website traffic, is to choose effective keywords and incorporate them into the writing.

Other than that. It's a snap!


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