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Core Family Values?

What does that mean? I'm so glad you asked. I could have just used "family values", or traditional family values or even "old-fashioned American family values" to describe my site and meaning. Yet I didn't. Why? Because I want this site to have a deeper meaning for everyone who finds it.
The world is different than it was in the 1950's. MUCH different. Yes there have been many advancements that we would never want to be without. But this is not about technology, money, lifestyle or social status. It's about people.

You see, I believe that we owe a debt to society. We are obligated to be true to ourselves and to each other. But above all else, I believe we have failed our children!

I look around with hopefully a very open mind. I see young children everywhere without manners or respect for their peers or adults. I talk to teen agers who cannot tell me where Seattle is. I hear reports almost every month of a young person threatening or even actually carrying out a heinous crime.

Perhaps the very worst thing I observe, is that the acorn truly seems to fall not far from the tree. THAT makes me look very closely in the mirror. What's going ON? We have nations at war, hatred growing throughout the world, mis-trust and moral-decay all over. Economic and political chaos.

Maybe these issues are bigger than we are as individuals. So while I want you to love this site, after all it's written just for you, I hope each time you visit us you remember that I chose the word CORE to place in front of "family values".

Core means "at the very center". It seems to me that America and much the whole world have lost sight of the core values of leading a quality life on Earth. I believe it's not too late. The reason is that no matter what we have, earn, say, do, think, believe or work for, each of us is here for a reason. You are free to choose whatever reason you want it to be. But like I try to do, please look around.

 What do YOU see? How are you able to effect what you see? Can you say something nice? Are you able to offer a child a smile? Can you teach a senior citizen how to use e-mail? Have you ever offered to drive your neighbor to church or to an appointment? Do you own kids have respect for others , especially adults?

Alright, i think you're getting the meaning here. Not one of us can solve the huge problems of this world. But all of us can solve nearly every problem. Maybe this site will only touch a few people. Maybe someday a few hundred, a thousand? Honestly I don't care about that number. I only care that it reaches one person. YOU. I hope you find all kinds of fun things we all need and want here. It's ALL about "family" and just about anything a family needs. But the underlying, CORE meaning will always be:

 "What Are Each Of Us Doing TODAY, As individuals, That Will Affect Others In A Postive Way?"

 We have our immediate families. That is of utmost importnace with regard to the theme of this website. BUT... We should also see every other person, regardless of income, personality, skin color, religious beliefs, level of education or income, age, ability or whatever elase you might add, also as memebers of the FAMILY.

The ONLY family that matters now or forever into the future, is the human family, along with every other living and non-living thing on Earth! Let's change things... one person at a time - starting, with "ME".

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