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Our achievements. It's not about what they do for us....but about how much we can now do for OTHERS!

"LEADERSHIP! Don't just be a follower...."

My father used to talk that way.

Many of my baseball and basketball coaches mentioned that word often. Even my (FORMER--because they were NOT good role models!)sales bosses said how important the concept is.

The very IRONIC thing is....only ONE or TWO of all of them actually WERE good examples!


I've devoted this page to all who truly want to strive for effectiveness in this area! Think about how much of a core FAMILY value THIS really is!

Everyone old enough to make decent decisions CAN be skilled in this subject! Even a child among his young peers.

It comes down to: Desire, Intelligence, "goodness" and Caring, Awareness and Skills.

You have to WANT to do this. You also need to be smart enough to make beneficial decisions in certain situations.

Further, if you are not a good person; HOW could you possibly set a good example to follow ?

And of course, there are skills that have to be obtained and knowledge one needs in order to be truly successful.

What are My OWN credentials? Well, I am not perfect but I DO think I have been a VERY effective LEADER!

Ex. Childhood--always tried to help other kids--I remember as a five year old, a little girl my age lost her black poodle in a BLIZZARD in January--she was crying. NO one wanted or cared enough to help her--except for ME. I went out and FOUND her dog and HELD on to him until she and her mom heard me screaming for them.

Ex. High School--Honor student all the way through. Graduated with an A+ average. Good artist, Baseball co-captain. Led our team 3 straight years to the City Championship in front of hundreds of spectators. Batted over .400 in the PA State Championships. Scouted by several Major League Teams. Nominated Treasurer and Homecoming.

Ex. College: Graduated with B.S. Pre-Medical Science and Biology. Letterman-Baseball 4 years. Two school records that still stand 20 years later. Nominated Homecoming Escort.

Ex. Professional:Very successful in technical and also sales careers. Always looked to by my peers for help and advice. Seen as "the best" at things or just valued for my opinions. I think this website is a GREAT example too!

Enough of my resume already you're thinking right?

If you want to learn how to be an effective leader...

THIS is the place!


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