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I Love My Family!

Do you show your FAMILY how to LOVE.......


"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." --Sam Keen

Do you really have a family that loves you.. unconditionally? Can you say: I love my family! Do you SHOW them?

What IS love anyway? Are you "in love"?

Oh, Boy…..(should I say that again?)

Just what IS this thing ? This powerful feeling that is often times way out of control? Can we suffice it to say that it’s just an emotion that can’t be helped? Or is it something our creator devised merely to insure the survival of the human race?

My effort here will be manifold. This is such a complex issue that even the qualified multi-degreed experts have trouble fully understanding I think. But I DO have some experience in this area. Real LIFE experience. You see, I have been SMASHED in the face by the short end of this monster. I have also learned what true love is. And furthermore, there are other more “non-people”ways of looking at it, that I’d like to try to illuminate a bit if possible. These types are perhaps less commonplace, but nonetheless important in the big picture. After all, you can’t say "I love my family" (which after all IS the most important KIND of love), if you don’t understand it or FEEL it.

And that feeling can be for GOD, a man or woman that becomes your LIFELONG partner! ...or MY own decided and all-time favorite since I myself was one....a beautiful, wonderful,innocent, and magical..... CHILD,   or your COUNTRY... your PETS...   or even a...TREE!

and we had ALL better show much more love for

Mother EARTH!!

I’ll try to tell you some of MY own stories that I’ll bet are also your stories. Let’s see if the insight (or maybe my ignorance!) helps you to see that you are not alone in the way you feel. In fact, as I look back on most of this—(that crushed me at the time) I laugh, shake my head, remember fondly and smile or think “what the heck was I thinking”? Oh.. Boy…..

Let me explain......

For more great information and valuable INSIGHTS on Love and family values, please visit:

the KINDNESS Tree!


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