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Yes, a child. We MUST love all children.

If you have one, you know exactly why I write this page. Out of sheer and pure love for my family. After all, like snow really makes the winter holidays, the little ones really "make the family". And our familes are the core structure of the entire WORLD!

And when you think deeply about this, I don't care WHO you are or what you've accomplished in life, we're ALL still children! Aren't we?

If you don't have kids but you think you may some day--you're in for something SO special!

Parenting is almost impossible to describe...

Imagine sitting at the kitchen table smashing Silly Putty! onto a newspaper comic and watching the face of your son or daughter as they try to press hard enough. They make the SAME faces YOU used to make. Just like going right back in time. But she has the same exact kind of hair that my 80 year old father had. It's almost like he's still sitting right here with me. He would've gotten just as big a kick stretching the putty into weird shapes and laughing as the little kids......

Here's another awesome resource for kids of all kinds. (Be sure to look for the "ANIMUSIC" products too!)

Take your OWN family on a trip through time.......click here. As we play and laugh they will of course start to notice all the TV ads for TOYS and GAMES You might as well just click & shop while you're here! Ha-ha. I will ALWAYS try to give you quality only and as many dollar and time values as possible!

One thing I should also mention as we discuss all the fun things we can do with our families. As we've said it is vitally important to love ALL children. But sometimes we CAN take each other for granted. PLEASE be sure to pay close attention to your kids' behavior and appearance in detail. Since you are so close to them anyway, play time is a great chance to do some observations with regard to the general



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