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Peace On Earth
Look WITHIN First And Then Express


Wow. What an important and fascinating concept. How can WE, as families and individuals express love and affect world peace?

This article is actually taken as an excerpt from an online interview àt http://dn.codegear.com/article/30038 with Chad Hower of www.kudzuworld.com Chad is an accomplished software programmer and is actually MY nephew.

These are not all his words but they are his expressed sentiments via a quote by the actual author and I just think it is very profound. This information is so powerful and meaningful in the context of www.corefamilyvalueshomeport.com and our mission to spread real love and worldwide peace starting with families and the strength and integrity of the individual.

Chad started the point with:

“I am not so naive to think that war will end any time soon, or racism, or nationalism will end any time soon. However I believe they are one of the biggest problems facing the world today. But what I do believe is that many of the solutions "proposed" today are pure poppycock and do little to assist. War, nationalism, and racism come down to human nature. This is not easily changed, but unfortunately is it easily fueled.”….

(and then he posted this direct quote):


A quote from J. Krishnamurti:

"To bring about peace in the world, to stop all wars, there must be a revolution in the individual, in you and me. Economic revolution without this inward revolution is meaningless, for hunger is the result of the maladjustment of economic conditions produced by our psychological states - greed, envy, ill will and possessiveness. To put an end to sorrow, to hunger, to war, there must be a psychological revolution and few of us are willing to face that. We will discuss peace, plan legislation, create new leagues, the United Nations and so on and on; but we will not win peace because we will not give up our position, our authority, our money, our properties, our stupid lives. To rely on others is utterly futile; others cannot bring us peace. No leader is going to give us peace, no government, no army, no country. What will bring peace is inward transformation, which will lead to outward action. Inward transformation is not isolation, is not a withdrawal from outward action. On the contrary, there can be right action only when there is right thinking and there is no right thinking when there is no self-knowledge. Without knowing yourself, there is no peace.

To put an end to outward war, you must begin to put an end to war in yourself. Some of you will nod your heads and say, "I agree", and go outside and do exactly the same as you have been doing for the last ten or twenty years. Your agreement is merely verbal and has no significance, for the world's miseries and wars are not going to be stopped by your casual assent.

They will be stopped only when you realize the danger, when you realize your responsibility, when you do not leave it to somebody else. If you realize the suffering, if you see the urgency of immediate action and do not postpone, then you will transform yourself; peace will come only when you yourself are peaceful, when you yourself are at peace with your neighbor." _________________________________________________

Finally, Chad added: “I don't think we can ever "transform" everyone, but the more people we can get to realize this, the better. Especially the leaders of the world who think they are the solutions and that they have some "divine" or "special" intelligence greater than the rest of us.” I have expressed these very kinds of thoughts many, many times so naturally, I couldn’t agree more with all of this. Peace and healing MUST ultimately start within each of us as INDIVIDUALS ….otherwise it cannot happen—ever. That’s how important an idea this is. Same kind of message is expressed in the Michael Jackson song entitled : “man in the mirror”. Love one another. Slow down and think. It’s our best and only chance. Our creator, whomever or whatever that is, designed us to have the freedoms to do just about anything with ourselves and our planet. Think about that. It’s the answer to all the questions like “Why do we suffer?” “Why is there war?” “Why do children get cancer?” It’s because WE are only in control of ourselves, and then only to a small extent really. No person, no mother or father, no husband or wife, no scholar or expert can explain it any other way. The supreme intelligence is the ONLY thing that “knows” the answers. All I know is, on Earth, the answer is all about love.


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