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Online Shopping Security....."IS my information


Online Shopping Security!

You need NOT worry at all about your privacy, Identity Theft or your personal Information when shopping online. You DO, however, simply need to pay attention as you normally would - OFFLINE.

Here's why:

****Most merchants that operate ONLINE also have Business OFFLINE like a regular "brick and mortar" department store. They are very concerned about your personal privacy and take great measures to ensure that your personal information remains secure. It is in THEIR best interest to do so just as it is in yours. These stores do NOT want tarnished reputations. Obviously, they'd lose business! Of course, there may be some unethical people out there. But then again, someone COULD peek over your shoulder at KMART or any waiter could steal your credit card info. Just imagine how much MORE difficult it is to somehow "grab" your particular information out from the assortment of other data flying by at any moment. In other words-it is pretty darned safe to shop online these days. Responsible merchants use something called SSL (secure socket layer) and/or CVV2 Codes (on the back of your card) that cannot be decoded by dishonest ID thieves. Watch on your screen when you are on a "checkout" page (when you are ready to buy something) The web address of the page will start with http"S":// rather than just http:// The "S" indicates the page is secure and safe to complete your transaction. You may also see small pictures called "icons" of a lock or a key that indicate the same security for you. So in reality it is probably even safer to shop on the web (not to mention much more efficient!) than it is to go out.

SO... it really comes to to:--USE COMMON SENSE just as you would OFFLINE! If a merchant you are considering does NOT appear forthright,honest and COMPLETELY credible and genuinely "concerned" about YOUR online shopping security--DON'T Buy from them. However, if you find an online merchant that DOES seem professional, honest, caring and trustworthy, and he has links to other credible and reputable sites and merchants--they are very likely to be at LEAST as safe as any offline store on the street.

Just think of all the gas and time you can save!

IF you are STILL apprehensive and would like to learn more, I think the experts in the WORLD of computing should know exactly what to tell you!

CLICK HERE for more advice from MICROSOFT!

And if that's STILL not enough resources for you online shopping security, try THIS additional Link:

Click HERE for MORE great information about online shopping security!


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