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All about the Realty Business, your family's home and largest investment.

The Real Estate you purchase becomes your home. Yes, Real Estate IS your family's home!

So let's make sure you have the right information and resources to help purchase or sell the right home the best way.

You may be a sales pro.

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You may be a Mom or a Dad. Investor?

Maybe a first-time home buyer!

This is a big and very important family subject to say the least.

We are talking about your largest lifetime investment and expenditure!

You may be reading this page hoping to find information on the REALTY profession or markets.

It's more likely, since you are on this website, that you are looking for great information about the subject as it applies to you as your FAMILY'S HOME!

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Well, true to the focus of this entire site, I'll do my best to keep filling this area of the site up to the brim with current real estate advice, trends in the market, buyer and seller strategies etc.

Of course--once you make a purchase, either for yourself or for a business (rental property?), you are very likely to find more of what you need and want right here on www.corefamilyvalueshomeport.com!

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