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Families everywhere
owe a great deal of gratitude
to those


Teaching Kids And Children--OUR Children!

Is teaching kids and children an important issue these days?

That's EASY!

Mrs. Sapper, Miss Madelina, Mrs. Dillon, Miss Mulligan, Mrs. Steinmetz, Mrs.Burgoyne, Mr. Zagorski, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Schumann. I could easily extend the list.

The first 4 names are my first 4 ever teachers!

Doesn't that say something? I'll bet almost everyone can name them the same way I can--right off the top of my head.

This page is dedicated to all of those special educators out there. All of whom are really important extensions of the FAMILY. Our very own children spend as much or MORE time with YOU, in their classrooms, as they do at home with us!

I have come to the realization that it is imperative that parents and educators stay in very close communication. It's critical to the short-term and long-term development of our children. Our school systems play possibly a MORE important role in what kind of people our kids turn out to be. And it begins at a very early age!

I hope to simply provide here some very welcome educational child development resources with great products and even school and office SUPPLIES. I'll have some added FUN for teachers to help the kids too. Every child needs to love their teachers like I did.

Whenever I find something important, unique and/or educational for students of all ages, I'll try to include it here. For example:

General Logo

and look for all sorts of great educational resources from DISCOVERY SCHOOL!

And while you're here, if you have school age children, check out this new program. It is something I KNOW you and they will both LOVE!

I have also built pages tailored to high school and college age kids/adults. Feel free to refer to those sections also.

If you think of something you'd like to see included, just make the suggestion using the "Communicate with Us!" navigation button at left.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I'm enjoying building it!

P.S. I really hope I don't have any typos/grammatical errors on THIS page......!


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