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Welcome to the

"Scene for TEENS"!

OK Teens! So I’m an “Old Guy” to you. I’m almost 42. What the heck do I know about people in their TEENS?

Ha-Ha! Well if you want a good laugh, just hang with me awhile (do you guys still talk like that?) It’s hard for you to imagine, but before you know it (REALLY) you’ll be 42 too! What? Yep! I can remember having butterflies because Jennifer was so “perfect”. And how my Dad had NO patience with me as I learned to drive. I remember winning the city baseball championship 3 years in a row against a HIGHLY favored, all male, private school we were not supposed to beat!—and how I hit the critical runs in EACH time in front of a packed stadium! I remember the smell of the school hallways and the books (and that kid next to me—Yuk!) I remember being a shy and kind of nerdy for someone supposed to be a “cool” athlete!

It seems like all of this happened just a little while ago! You see, as your life gets busier, and it will after high school, it seems like TIME goes by Faster and Faster and FASTER! And then POOF! You’re 42!

Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? BUT IT’S TRUE! It WILL happen to you too! So HERE is why YOU should keep reading!

You only have ONE teenage period in your life! It’s a magical, and wonderful time! TRY your VERY BEST to do these things:

Be a GREAT person and friend to everybody. Including your PARENTS!

Learn ALL you possibly can-in life and school-it Pays Off in TIME and MONEY!

Take GREAT Care of your BODY and your MIND! NO booze/drugs! No smoking!

Start to think about what really matters to you. Where do you want to END UP (42!)

Don’t be angry, jealous, insecure, irresponsible, arrogant—or anything similar!

Participate in life! Sports, School, activities, hobbies, trips etc.

Work hard at being a better YOU! But give yourself a break, too! BE HAPPY!

THIS is an AWESOME time in your life! And also a CRUCIAL one for your future! You MUST have FUN! YOU MUST ALSO START TO GET SERIOUS!

Yes! Time to gear up for the rest of your LIFE!

There are some links in this section I hope you will LOVE! If you want something different or have suggestions, TELL ME! Use the “Communicate with us! button on the left side of this page. Say anything or ask me anything you want. I’ll try to get right back to you or revise this site to reflect your wants and needs.

My whole purpose is to try to be your ONLINE Coach or Mentor! In fact, I am planning an Exclusive WORLDWIDE Teens Achievement Organization. Young people of all kinds will be able to participate and will progress higher in the system based on VERY high achievement standards. It will be a BLAST and at the same time make you SO PROUD to be a TEENAGER! If you want to know more about this idea(and even help me develop it!) Just use the form again! I REALLY want to know what your thoughts are! Parents—FEEL COMPLTETELY FREE to do the same! I am a husband and father of three. You are specifically invited to our “Parents” Page of this Core Family Values Home Port website!

PARENTS Page of this Core Family Values Home Port website! ______________________________________ ______________________________________

Teenagers! I remember how very important it was to look my best when I was your age. Heaven forbid I would have an acne breakout! If this is a worry for you--BE SURE to click HERE!

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