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Our sincere best wishes as you become another GREAT Family!

Butterflies. How big can they get?

"Our wedding. No big deal we're getting married..." BUTTERFLIES!

Exciting. Scary. Joyous. Wonderful. Horrifying. Stressful. Happy. Healthy. Long-Lasting....PERMANENT!


THAT'S how big the cute little butterflies can get! But calm down. It's just a little ceremony.

A few, or a few hundred people will show up. Hopefully YOU will get to your own wedding on time!

Your anxious bride or groom will look better than they ever have. You'll fall in love with them all over again, and all of the PTERODACTYLS will fly away.

Really--that's what will happen. Then, after the KISS!, you can relax and have a big party!

If you are like I was--you'll head STRAIGHT for the BOOZE! (Pterodactyls can't handle their liquor--makes it too hard to fly)

Brides seem to get ALL CAUGHT UP in running around talking and meeting and thanking everyone for coming. Brides NEED to hear how BEEEEYOOOTEEEFULLLL they look!

I'm so glad I was the groom. All of my buddies and my Best man(my DAD) were ALREADY waiting for me at the BAR! Ha!

It's been SIX years now. YES we ARE still together. YES, we DO fight (but not physically or "too" abusively) Do you watch Everybody Loves Raymond? Know why that show was such a huge hit?

If you don't know why...HEE-HEE....

YOU-- WILL-- NOW!!!!

Ah yes--the Family life.. Every day a joy.

Every moment bliss. Filled with laughter. kisses and hugs, peace and quiet. No troubles at all......


Send Flowers

No--it will NOT be a total bed of roses.

But it IS wonderful, happy, joyous, exciting, FUN, loving etc. etc.

And the very BEST part? The KIDS--hands down.

It all starts with the WEDDING......

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Neither will you.

Congratulations! You are the newest member of this website!

I'd love to hear from you about how YOUR wedding day went. Anything wacky or funny that happened? I'll even Publish it HERE if you wish! Just send it in to me using the COMMUNICATE with us Button at left.

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